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Sabzi KooKoo

Sabzi KooKoo

by VANAK 11
with Garlic
State Available
Price $ 6.99
Kuku, also spelled as kookoo, is an egg-based and often vegetarian Iranian dish made of whipped eggs folded in various ingredients. It is similar to the Italian frittata, the French quiche, the Arabian eggah, or an open-faced omelette, but it typically has less egg than a frittata, and it cooks for a shorter amount of time, over a low heat, before turned over[1] or grilled briefly to set the top layer. It is served either hot or cold as a starter, side dish or a main course, and is accompanied with bread and either yogurt or salad. In parts of northern Iran, kuku might be used as a midday meal, and might be served with either plain cooked rice (kate) or bread.